Blindsprings is told in a book and Chapter-based format, currently comprised of one completed book and six chapters and one prologue.

Book 1 Edit

Chapter 1[1] is 34 pages, telling the story of the meeting between Princess Tamaura and young Harris. The story takes place in the Wickwood Forest, located just outside of Kirkhall. It ends with the Harris rescuing Tamaura from the Royal Spirits of the forest and Tamaura's subsequent escape from Harris and entry into modern Kirkhall.

Chapter 2[2] is 39 pages, opening with Harris' admonishment by the Academist Society and conversation with Ewan regarding the lost princess. Concurrently Tamaura is wondering Aberwelle, lost, hungry, and confused before meeting Imogen and Street. Tamarua opens the fountain Blindsprings. more words go here

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Book 2 Edit


Chapter 6

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