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Welcome to the wiki. We’re a collaborative community about the comic Blindsprings by KadiFedoruk.

From the creator:[1]

Blindsprings is a comic about magic, lost princesses, secret societies and ancient spirits long forgotten. A forgotten princess named Tamaura survives a revolution by making a deal with the Spirits of the forest. Pledged to them for three hundred years, the princess was about to fulfill her pact when a young man finds her and decides for himself that she is meant to be saved, whether she liked it or not.
Blindsprings focuses around the lost Princess Tamaura and tensions between the naturally magical Orphics and the ruling class who use learned Academic Magic to control the Orphics and run their society in the land of Kirckhall. Tamuara begins to discover that more than just the subjugation of Orphics is wrong with the land of Kirkhall.

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Blindsprings is an elaborate, detailed world and this wiki is dedicated to cataloging and exploring it. Please jump in and contribute!

I've been going through and setting up the Annotation pages and some chapter pages.

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