Annotations serve as world building and background. Annotations may include newpaper articles, letters, textbook excerpts, and character pages, among other media.

From the author:[1]

Annotations are extra information that were mentioned in the previous chapter, or teasers for the next chapter...

They will never be in a comic format, and will feature different styles and media in order to tell extra information in a different way. These are canon and will be posted as if it's a regular update because they are relevant to the story. (and so I'm not making people search for updates)

There's a myriad of reasons for doing this, but mostly it's that I just like worldbuilding so there's a lot of backstory and side stories that could be left as mere mentions but it's more fun to share them. The other major reason is that it gives me a few easier updates in order to set up my next chapter, rather than taking a hiatus. Hopefully, it will be interesting for everyone as well!

All AnnotationsEdit

Annotation 1 : Kirkhall Goes Dark, newspaper clip

Annotations 2-6: The Fable of Princess Tamaura

Annotation 7 : The Great Seal, Academic text excerpt

Annotation 8: Orphic Rule, Academic text excerpt

Annotation 9: Kahalan Ambassador Presented Portrait of her Likeness, newspaper clip

Annotation 10: Map of Kirkhall

Annotation 11: Harris's Desk, picture

Annotation 12: Wanted for Criminal Mischief, poster

Annotation 13: Letter from Mistress Maven

Annotation 14: Guide to Orphic Magic

Annotation 15: September 1050 Calender

Annotation 16: Ember Joker Card

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