Orphic Rule

Annotation 8 immediately follows Annotation 7, preceding Annotation 9.

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Orphic Rule is an except from an Academic text (page 68), discussing Orphic rule, the academic revolution, ans the myth of Princess Tamaura's survival of the execution of the ruling Llyn family.

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The history of Orphic rule, Master Gregoire's development of Academic magic, the Academic revolution, and overthrow of the Orphic ruling class are covered. The text claims the ruling Llyn family had a special interest in Master Gregoire's works, although the reason remains unknown. A rescue attempt and the subsequent execution of the Llyn family is discussed; a myth of the survival of Princess Tamaura is noted and dismissed.

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Author's commentary can be found in the title text of the comic:

I think someone has a bit of a crush on Master Gregoire.