The Great Seal

Annotation 7 immediately follows Chapter 2, preceding Annotation 8.

The Great Seal is an except from an Academic text, discussing the seal which prevents Orphics from using their inborn magic.

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The excerpt contains a drawing of the Princess Tamaura allowing herself to be sealed by Master Gregoire, creator of the seal. Figures of the activation of the seal and an image of the seal itself are also included. The text describes the creation of The Great Seal by Master Gregoire in 762 as well as the importance of the seal to disposing the Orphic ruling class during the Academic revolution. The text goes on to discuss other regions still ruled by Orphics, suggesting even these lands may eventually rid themselves of Orphic rulers.

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Author's commentary can be found in the title text of the comic:

The text glosses over the nature of these "trials and errors"; no young Academic, with stars in their eyes, wants to hear about the sordid past of their origin, Perhaps some of the coarser students might, those on scholarships, or new money. Not the sort of boys you wanted to entrust with such... sensitive information.