The Fable of Princess Tamaura

Annotations 2-6 immediately follow Annotation 1 and precede Chapter 2.

These 5 annotations tell the fable of the Princess Tamaura in the format of a children's book. The story portrays Tamaura is a positive, however naive, light. The story contains anti-royal family and anti-Spirit connotations.

Summary Edit

The story takes place in the gardens of the palace of the royal family. It centers around a little princess, implied as Princess Tamaura, at play. Talking birds, implied to be the Spirits, ask if she wishes to remain within the walls of the palace. At first rejecting their offer, the princess eventually asks to be removed from the palace. The birds take her to the forest, asking if she wishes to remain there. The princess affirms. The story suggests the princess has merely traded the walls of the palace for the "walls" of the forest.

Story Significance Edit

Harris and Tamaura both make reference to the fable in Chapter 1. From Tamaura's commentary, she may be referring to a fable with different details, as she references the Spirits saving her from "your kind" (the Academists).[1]

Text Edit

Page 1:[2]

Once, long ago, there was a little princess. Her family was very wicked, but the little princess was good and kind. One day, a small bird flew to her as she was playing in the palace with her dolls.

"Do you wish to remain within these walls," the little bird asked.

"They are all I know," the little princess answered.

The birds flew away, and the little princess continued to play with her dolls, unconcerned.

Page 2:[3]

The next day, the bird returned.

"Do you wish to remain within these walls," the little bird asked again.

Again, the princess replied, "They are all I know."

The bird flew away once more, but the little princess stopped her play, to think about the world beyond the walls.

Page 3:[4]

On the third day, the bird returned, and the princess was waiting.

"What is outside the walls?" The little princess asked, before the bird could ask his question.

"Everything that is not inside," the bird replied, "Do you wish to remain within these walls?"

The little princess nodded uncertainly.

Page 4:[5]

That night, the little princess awoke upon hearing a great clamor.

"Do you wish to remain within these walls," the birds asked, cawing all around her.


The little princess closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, she was in a large forest.

"Do you wish to remain within these walls," the birds asked her, darkening the forest with their black wings.

Page 5[6]


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