Letter from Mistress Maven

Annotation 13[1] immediately follows Annotation 12, preceding Annotation 14. The annotation occurs in the break between Chapters 3 and 4.

TB anno 013

Annotation 13,

The annotation is letter to Master Green from Mistress Maven, along with advertisements from around Krikhall, claimed by Maven to be misleading.

Summary Edit

The letter to Master Green from Mistress Maven describes several ad, also shown, to be misleading to the populace of Kirkhall. The ads claim medicinal powers: cures for aging and various ailments.

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My dear Master Green,

Bla bla

Author's Note Edit

Author's commentary can be found in the title text of the comic:

There are probably 15 things misspelled in that letter, blame it on Mistress Maven NOT ME. Never me. It's just my characters that have typos! eh heh...

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