Harris' Desk

Annotation 11 immediately follows Annotation 10, preceding the beginning of Chapter 3. The annotation occurs in the break between Chapters 2 and 3.

TB anno 0111

The annotation is a picture of Harris' Desk, shown to be rather messy.

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The desk of Harris, including a hot drink, two pictures of Tamaura; a plate with pastry crumbs; the Map of Kirkhall (Annotation 10); The Great Seal excerpt (Annotation 7); a fountain pen with spilled ink; a typewriter; a handwritten notes discussing seals and recent blackouts in Nawonan; and a newspaper dated Thursday, September 22, 1050 with the Kahalan Ambassador portrait article (Annotation 9).

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Author's commentary can be found in the title text of the comic:

The best desks are the messiest desks.